In this lesson, Mark Moore focuses on the fact that effective leaders articulate a clear and compelling vision. He discusses the rebellion that resulted in the transition from God as Israel’s King to the reign of human Kings and highlights how much of Jesus’ ministry served to point people to his Vision – the restoration of God’s original design.

Jesus pointed people to the Kingdom of God, our goal is to help point people to the one true King – Jesus and the Hope we have in him.  Mark provides three exercises to help you identify your God-given vision and move toward it.

About the Study Jesus As Leader:  Our relationship with Jesus Christ defines WHO WE ARE. Our identity then determines our priorities and WHAT WE DO as HIS BODY, the physical expression of Christ on earth (He lives in us). We are called to “imitate Christ,” and “put on Christ.” This training will enable your people to grasp servant-leadership and embrace the Christian Mission.

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Jesus as Leader – Mission

In this lesson, Mark Moore focuses on the importance of leaders who replicate themselves. It encourages leaders to move beyond thinking into a life marked

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2 thoughts on “Jesus as Leader – Vision”

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    I am really appreciating these video teachings from Mark Moore. Mark refers to the “your notes”. I do not see these notes Mark refers to. Can you please advise? Thank You!

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      Thank you for your great question!

      The Coronavirus Response KIT includes the Mark Moore training video but does not include other complementary resources with his training. The additional perks are part of the Network+ subscription.


      Tim Wallingford
      Executive Director

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