Building the Foundation

Building the Foundation: Five NT Doctrines that Transform

Strategy may engage non-believers but doctrine is the meat and potatoes for believers to grow up their faith and become disciple makers themselves. Ministers and Elders everywhere are seeing the need to revisit and make doctrine a priority. Members are called to know the truth. New Testament doctrine enables believers to take on Christ’s character, defend the faith, identify and overcome temptation, establish godly priorities, love all people and be effective in disciple making. This workshop can be done on a week-end or 5 – three hour workshop.

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Knowing JUSTIFICATION will enable believers to have confidence their sins are forgiven
Knowing REGENERATION  will enable believers to have hope God will change them
Knowing SANCTIFICATION will enable believers to understand the process of change
Knowing RECONCILIATION will equip believers to have godly relationships
Knowing ADOPTION will enable believers to have a healthy relationship with God

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