Church Health Assessment

Church Health Assessment

This digital diagnostic tool is designed to measure your congregation’s health in 5 key areas: Commitment, Leadership, Disciple Making, Evangelism and Christian Culture (Fellowship). The Assessment will help identify the degree of alignment for your congregation needs toward health and growth. It provides effective and actionable resources to help you pursue your mission, vision, and 3-year plan. The Assessment will help prioritize the 5 key areas. With the CCLNetwork resources and coaching God will generate church health and growth.

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The Church Health Assessment Helps Ministers To

Evaluate the Church

Provides the opportunity for all of leadership and key members to evaluate church

5 Keys to Church Health & Growth

Questions are framed within the 5 keys to church health & growth


Enables healthy conversation toward mobilization 

Planning and Strategy

Generates awareness & need to have training, planning and strategy

Path toward a Healthy Church

Enables leaders to see a clear path toward health and growth

Provides Resources

Provides coaching, assistance, and resources in the process

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