Coronavirus Response KIT

Coronavirus Response KIT

Dear Partner in Ministry: We care about you and are praying for you daily. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, The CCLNetwork wants to come alongside you and provide Free resources over the next 8 weeks. We are calling this the Coronavirus Response KIT. Simply update your information as a Network church (free subscription) and you will get 16 videos over the next 8 weeks from our Strategic Partners who give practical positive responses to this pandemic from their area of expertise: E.g. Marriage, Church Priorities, Taking Care of Staff, Giving, and more! In addition The CCLNetwork will send you our 2020 Summit books!

Beginning April 2nd, & for 8 STRAIGHT THURSDAYS you will receive a link to our website for a FREE Survive & Thrive Video Training: Mark Moore’s Jesus as Leader. Study guides included. 

Beginning April 7, & 8 STRAIGHT TUESDAYS you’ll receive a link to our website with 5-7 minute “Sustainability in Crisis” videos from our CCLNetwork Strategic Partners. They will address their area of expertise within this crisis: E.g. Church finances, marriage, staff, elders, church priorities and more.

Then we have TWO LIVE ZOOM COACHING Sessions ON Giving & Generosity with Dr. Kregg Hood: April 21st. His topic is: “Generosity in Times of Crisis,” & May 21st His topic is: “Stretching the Dollar.” Kregg is affiliated with the Church of Christ. He is a Best seller author, with books like, Take God at His Word. Escape the Debt Trap. Rich Toward God. Kregg has worked with over 4,000 churches in moving the 2% giving church toward 10% PLUS! He is the CCLNetwork’s generosity coach. If you attend these live sessions you receive a free book from KREGG!

We have two CCLNetwork downloadable SERMONS: “Perseverance & Storms”


(Book) RePOSITION: 5 NT Shifts toward church health & growth
(Book) Jack Cottrell’s “Saved by Grace: The Essence of Christianity”
CCLNetwork 2020 Catalog
(Book) John Maxwell’s “Prioritizing your life” – while supply lasts
(Book) Barry Cameron “The New ABC’s of Financial Freedom” – while supply lasts

We love you and value your work for Christ to build and advance his kingdom!

Please don’t hesitate to call me our team if you need anything!

David Roberson, National Rep., at [email protected]
Mike Bratten, Northeast Rep., (OH. IN. KY. WV. V. Lower MI. PA. Vermont. RD. NJ. NY. CONN. NH. Delaware. MA. ME.) at [email protected]
Dan Garrett, Southern Rep., (TN. MS. Al. GA. FL. SC. NC.) at [email protected]
David Vaughan, Director of Coaching, at [email protected]
Curtis McGinnis, Midwest Rep., (Upper MI. WI. MN. IA. ILL. MO. NE. SD. ND. WY.) at [email protected]
Mike Miller, Northwest Rep., (WA. AK. OR. MT. ID. Bay area North CA. British Columbia) at [email protected]
John Derry, Southwest Rep., (TX. NM. Arkansas. AZ. KS. OK. LA. NV. CO. Southern CA.) at [email protected]
Tim Wallingford, Executive Director of CCLNetwork, at [email protected]

Here's the 8 Week Schedule!

April 2      John Derry (President Emeritus HIU) “Supporting your Staff through this crisis”

April 7     Wes Beavis (Clinical Psychologist: Prof. HIU) “Caring for yourself through this crisis”

April 9     Online giving “On-Line giving through this crisis and beyond”

April 14   Gary Johnson e2 “Does God still Heal – Learning from Hezekiah in a Crisis”

April 16   Jesus as Leader (Identity)

April 21   Live ZOOM Lunch with Dr. Kregg Hood “Generosity in Times of Crisis”

April 23   Jesus as Leader (Vision)

April 28   Larry Travis: SafetyNet “Reach out to other Ministers in this Crisis”

April 30   Jesus as Leader (Mission)

May 5      Bob Russell “Setting right priorities in this Crisis”

May 7      Jesus as Leader (Values)

May 12    Rick McQuistion “Maintaining Godliness in a Crisis”

May 14    Jesus as Leader (Strategy)

May 19    Shawn McMullen “What the Bible says about Fasting & Prayer in a Crisis”

May 21    Live ZOOM Lunch with Dr. Kregg Hood “Stretching the Dollar”

May 26    Arron Chambers “Marriage / Family during a Crisis”

May 28    Jesus as Leader (Habits)

Welcome to the CCLNetwork BETA Launch! 

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