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The CCLNetwork provides you with top shelf New Testament teaching and 21st century application that enables perfect contextualization. It’s this sweet spot the Holy Spirit uses to cause health and growth within believers! Every minister and congregation is equally valued by God and the CCLNetwork. God has no favorites and values the minister/church of 50 as much as he values the minister/church of 5,000. But we also acknowledge the size of church determines the availability of funds. For that reason we have tailored Network+ subscriptions to the average weekly Sunday attendance. Simply select your size and pay accordingly. We trust you! If you want services but cannot afford the subscription please contact Tim Wallingford. There are scholarships available. We do not want any minister/church who wants the CCLNetwork resources/coaching/partnership to not receive assistance due to a lack of funds, so ENJOY and let us know we can help!

Tim Wallingford
Executive Director


Average Weekly Attendance






Network+ Membership (Paid Annually)






Network+ Membership (Paid Monthly)








  Church Health Assessment
  Safety Net
  Christian Church Directory
  Job Board
  Ministerial Emergency Fund
  Online Generosity Resources



  All of the Network Benefits Plus
  Free attendance at the annual Summit and regional coaching workshops
  Survive & Thrive Toolboxes with personalized coaching
  Discounted specialized services from nationally-recognized coaches
  Annual pricing is based on average weekly attendance at the church

The Christian Church Leadership Network believes in advancing the health, vitality, and growth of the church and its leaders by providing biblical training, coaching, and consulting.

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