Ministerial Emergency Fund

Ministerial Emergency Fund

The CCLNetwork has partnered with the Pension Fund of the Christian Church & Kairos to create funds that help address unexpected financial crisis of ministers. The CCLNetwork has discovered that 74% of ministers in the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ have debt. 54% of Christian Churches offer no healthcare or retirement. As a result a high attrition rate for ministers in the Christian Churches is due to financial strain, stress and emergencies.

Each October (Pastor’s Appreciation Month) congregations have the opportunity to contribute to the Ministerial Emergency Fund (MEF). The process for evaluating financial requests is confidential, prompt, and managed by a respected team of leaders

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Financial Support

The MEF provides a one time gift to ministers in times of financial crisis

Easy to Apply

The process to apply is confidential, prompt and managed by respected leaders

Free Coaching

There is free financial coaching and training for ministers

Get Help Planning

Creation of a budget and financial planning to alleviate debt 

Give Back

Congregations have the opportunity to support ministers within the Restoration Movement who face financial challenges each October during Pastor’s Appreciation Month

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