Minister’s Roundtable

The Minister's Roundtable

A Roundtable is a peer to peer mentoring experience that is designed to promote deeper sharing and support. Six to eight ministers meet once a month at the host church from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

The meeting is divided into three parts. First, a period of Koinonia, 30 minutes of one-on-one sharing and listening where you really get to know another minister.

Then there is a period of Leadership Development. A specific training video is viewed and the application to ministry is discussed over lunch. 

The Roundtable concludes with the “What Keeps Me Up at Night” session. One person comes prepared to share an issue, ministry related or personal, that they are struggling with and could use some guidance. Once the person has shared, everyone has a chance to give their thoughts and encouragement. The meeting concludes with prayer for the person who shared.

We all know that ministry can be a lonely place. The Minister’s Roundtable offers a safe place where we can give and receive encouragement that is so needed. 

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Peer to Peer

Ministers can experience peer to peer mentoring/coaching

Support Network

Ministers can share openly their challenges with others who can identify and support


There are excellent resources for discussion and professional development

Maintain a Health Perspective

Soul care is essential in order to maintain healthy perspective throughout ministry

Build Community

Roundtables lead to authentic friendships that last a lifetime!

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