Navigation: Strategic Planning for the Christian Church

God is the original strategic planner. After the fall of Adam & Eve God announced his redemptive strategic plan in Genesis 3:15 The entire OT is God unfolding that plan! Jesus’ ministry was strategic and intentional. Navigation is a strategic planning process created specifically for the Christian Church and Churches of Christ. In order for the church to mobilize her members there must be a clear mission, language, plan and process in place. Navigation provides that mobilization strategy and can be created within a 16 week process!

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Here are 7 reasons your church needs Navigation!

Mission Rooted in NT Scripture

The Church needs a clear MISSION rooted in NT Scripture!

NT Values

The Church needs NT VALUES to create passion to live out Mission!


The Church needs a NEIGHBORHOOD Profile to Identify Brokenness!

Training & Coaching

The Church needs TRAINING & COACHING along the way!


The Church needs a VISION to live out!

Ministry Plan

The Church needs a 3 yr. Ministry Plan!


The Church needs a LEADERSHIP that operates as a TEAM!

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