On-Line Generosity Resources

On-Line Generosity Resources

The CCLNetwork provides a wide range of FREE video, audio, and print resources/training to help your leaders create a strong culture of generosity, accountability, fair compensation, and financial sustainability. The regular attender in the Christian Church and Churches of Christ give on average just 2% of their income to their local congregation. Several reasons are cited, a lack of a clear mission is one. People give to a compelling vision that has eternal impact and reward. A second reason is a lack of understanding on what the New Testament teaches about generosity. God gave us his Son on the cross for our salvation, believers are to respond with sacrificial generosity to advance Christ’s cause. A third cause is debt. A vast number of Christians desire to give to their local church but debt has handcuffed their heart. These on-line video training and resources can be used in any setting to move the giving needle from 2% to 10% PLUS!  

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Free Resources

The 2% to 10% PLUS Generosity: Moving the generosity needle toward 10% PLUS Initiative,  provides selected FREE resources to get you started. To receive the complete package Network congregations will need to move to Network+

Video Training

Video Training for all aspects of generosity in the church, including fair compensation, escaping the debt trap, budgeting and more!


Generosity Sermons!


Creating a Budget and financial coaching 

Resources for the Church

Books and resources that educate the church member on stewardship responsibility

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