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The CCLNetwork MISSION is to provide personalized support that empowers churches & leaders to thrive in ministry. The CCLNetwork Team’s greatest motivation is to see ministers and the congregations they serve to THRIVE! To serve you and invite you into the CCLNetwork family we provide FREE coaching and resources through seven (7) products and services. It’s simple to join!


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  1. Church Health Assessment 


This digital diagnostic tool is designed to measure your congregation’s health in 12 key factors, identify the degree of alignment among your key leaders, and provide effective and actionable resources to help you pursue your mission and vision.


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  1. SafetyNet (Monthly Leadership Blog & Coaching)


Receive 12 Leadership Lessons and personal coaching (phone)! Most ministers have no mentor or coach to help them navigate significant or unexpected challenges. The SafetyNet supports ministers through a Network of Advocates & Coaches who stand ready to talk in a moment of struggle, conflict or crisis.


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  1. Church Directory (5,000 plus Christian Churches)


The CCLNetwork has created an accurate and digital database of Independent Christian Churches & Churches of Christ. Utilize this free resource to find ministers & churches around the nation!


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  1. Job Board “My Next Ministry”


The Ministry Job Board provides a centralized system for our national network of churches and Christian nonprofits to advertise open positions and for individuals to discreetly post their personal profile and portfolio, including sample videos (I.e. sermons, worship sets, lessons, etc.). This dynamic system automatically identifies quality matches by cross-references preferred candidate profiles created by churches and organizations with personal profiles, allowing Christian organizations to save hours of sifting through resumes and job postings and save individual hours of sorting through job posts. 


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  1. Ministerial Emergency Fund (October)


The CCLNetwork has partnered with the Pension Fund of the Christian Church  & Kairos to create funds that help address unexpected financial crisis of ministers. 54% of Christian Churches offer no healthcare coverage.  Each October (Pastor’s Appreciation Month) congregations have the opportunity to contribute to the Ministerial Emergency Fund (MEF). The process for evaluating financial requests is confidential, prompt, and managed by a respected team of leaders. Visit (Kevin you will need to identify this)  to donate today.


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  1. On-Line Generosity Resources


The CCLNetwork provides a wide range of FREE video, audio, and print resources/training to help your leaders create a strong culture of generosity, accountability, fair compensation, and financial sustainability. The 2% to 10% PLUS Generosity: Moving the generosity needle toward 10% PLUS Initiative, also provides selected FREE resources to get you started. To receive the complete package Network congregations will need to move to Network+ subscribers. 


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  1. Tier 3 Intensive Support (Pay for Products)


Tier 3 provides specialized coaching from CCLNetwork partners. The CCLNetwork does provide a level of training for all areas of church health. We do acknowledge the Specialize Coach can take the congregation deeper. A Network church must pay for Specialized Coaching. The benefit in approaching one of these coaching ministries as a CCLNetwork church is a discount for services and products. 


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  1. 8. Roundtables


The CCLNetwork Roundtable provides a venue for peer to peer coaching/mentoring. It is a safe place where ministers can be transparent about stress, fear, exhaustion, frustration, and anger. The Roundtable also provides a relaxed environment to share ideas, tackle challenges, and build each other up. The three segments of the roundtable are: Challenges; Professional Development (video training); and Solutions to Challenges. Roundtables are given a password to gain access to the Roundtable website.


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