Exploring Financial Stability

Exploring Financial Stability & Intensive Support

Tier 3 Intensive Support Pricing


The CCLNetwork values ministers and their families. For that reason The CCLNetwork partners with other Christian Church ministries/organizations to  provide retirement, healthcare, and training in specialized areas of the Christian life and health of the church.. 


  1. Redeployment: Finding Your Next Minister or Staff member

Cost: 5% of position’s salary


Redeployment assists congregations in finding their next minister or staff person. The process includes face to face meeting, creating a clear process, ministerial profile, updates and providing several candidates for the congregations consideration. Assistance with the interviewing process and a one-year coaching opportunity for the new minister or staff person.


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  1. Retirement


The Solomon Foundation (TSF) is the leader in providing retirement/investments for Christian Church ministers. TSF provides (403(b) retirement/investment plans. All first time Network+ congregations receive 250.00 from the CCLNetwork toward one of the congregation’s minister’s investment plan with TSF. TSF will coach and enable congregations to begin a retirement plan for all their ministers. 


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  • Go to Thesolomonfoundation.org for more information.
  • The TSF will notify the CCLNetwork that a minister of a Network+ church has signed up 
  • The CCLNetwork issues a $250 check for one new staff member signup per year from a Network+ church.


  1. Remodel


TSF provides special interest loans for CCLNetwork churches to upgrade or build new facilities. Remodel also includes services to the congregation that include: Navigation: Strategic Planning for Christian Churches & Churches of Christ; Leadership & Staff development and more. Remodel involves the spiritual as well as the physical entities of church.


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  1. ReCalibrate


ReCalibrate includes CCL Networks strategic partners who provide SPECIALIZED COACHING for ministers and the congregation they serve. Many of our specialized coaches will be providing “sample” videos to market their services.


Dr. Alan Ahlgrim (Covenant Connections for Pastors)

Quentin Davis (Ministerial Finances)

Bobby Harrington (Renew Ministries – Disciple Making)

Mark Moore (Leadership Pipeline / Core52)

Aaron Chambers (Marriage & Family)

Dr. Kregg Hood (2% to 10% Plus Generosity)

Gary Johnson, David Roadcup, Jim Estap (e2)

Mike Schrage (Good News Productions International: Global Resources)

Alliance Defending Freedom (Church & State)

Dr. John Derry (HIU Emeritus: Leadership, Governance & Staff &  Development)

Dr. Wes Beavis (HIU: Emotionally FIT Leaders)

Dr. Rick McQueston (Personal Purity, Sexual Brokenness, God’s Plan for Sexuality)

Bobby Jackson (Worship)


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