The Church Working Right Coaching Certification

Become a Coach: The Church Working Right

There is nothing better than when a church is working right!  The National Church Coaching Initiative helps churches start working right by applying the 5 shifts of RePOSITION in order to have their church realize maximum growth and health.  Certified coaches monitor, mentor, and multiply church health/growth in every participating church.  

Coaches are assigned based on geographical proximity and church size.  

Church Working Right Coaches utilize and integrate all the resources of the CCLNetwork, as well as a special Coaching Toolbox.  

A Diagnostic Church Health Assessment is done with each church at the beginning of the process that provide focused coaching.  A 12 month Church Health/Growth Strategy (a 1 pager) is then developed which is supported by weekly phone calls/personal coaching with the Sr. Minister.

Become A Coach Today

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Q: What exactly will happen when a church signs up to be coached through the Network + subscription?

  • David Vaughan will contact the church to introduce himself and talk about what’s next.
  • A Church Health Assessment is done.
  • The church and it’s Sr Minister/leaders will attend one of the Church Working Right one day seminars at a city near them.
  • Coach works with David Vaughan to make a decision on what church growth/health issues need to be addressed based on the 5 Shifts .
  • Coach prioritizes the Shifts with the top 2 Shifts identified.
  • A one-pager is developed by the coach outlining a 1-2 year plan the church will follow.
  • Weekly coaching calls begin that discuss/evaluate how the 1 page plan is going.

Q: How much will it cost me to become a CHURCH WORKING RIGHT coach?

  • 1,000.00 (A great investment from your church leadership! You’ll lead better!)
  • Your first assignment the CCLNetwork will pay you 500.00


Leadership Skills

Your own leadership skills are developed when you develop others.

Coaching Toolbox

The Coaching Toolbox gives you access to resources that will help your own church work right.


You will bless and help a smaller church (and pastor) grow by your encouragement and experience.


You will receive specific videos, curriculum, and even sermon manuscripts/series to utilize in your own church environment.


The Kingdom of God (the Big ‘C’ Church) will multiply.

Decrease Leaving Pastors

The number of pastors leaving the ministry will be diminished.

Welcome to the CCLNetwork BETA Launch! 

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