Weekend Workshops
CCLNetwork weekend workshops provide specialized training, resources, and coaching that enhance the leadership and effectiveness of your team, hone your church’s mission and vision, focus your congregation’s efforts, and mobilize your members to carry out the Great Commission.
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Develop or hone your church's mission and vision, build alignment and buy-in among your team, and develop an actionable strategic plan to help your congregation achieve relevant and effective ministry.

The Church Working Right

Introduce your team to 5 key shifts that congregations can make to produce church health and effectively fulfill the Great Commission.

Thriving Leadership

Increase your leadership team's alignment, effectiveness, and engagement by clarifying the biblical job descriptions for key leadership roles, building healthy patterns of interaction and decision-making, framing leadership around sound doctrine, and emphasizing equipping and delegation.

Turning Members into Disciple-Makers

Prepare to equip and deploy your congregation to fully realize their Great Commission potential by learning how to recognize major distortions in people's worldview, how to identify underlying questions and objections, and how to find and convey solutions that are biblical, relevant, and emotionally intelligent.

Building the Foundation

Revisit important biblical concepts like justification, sanctification, and reconciliation and learn how to frame sound doctrine as the cornerstone of meaningful life, effective leadership, and relevant church ministry.

Benefits of our Workshops

New Testament Teaching

Weekend Workshops are designed to help your church understand, embrace, and reflect the New Testament church model.

21st Century Application

Weekend Workshops help you and your leaders apply 1st century gospel to your church's unique 21st century context.

Personalized Coaching

Weekend Workshops are led by experts who can provide contextualized guidance to help you and your leaders implement the key concepts and strategies.

The Christian Church Leadership Network believes in advancing the health, vitality, and growth of the church and its leaders by providing biblical training, coaching, and consulting.

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