Ministerial Emergency Fund

About the MEF

The Christian Church Leadership Network was established to address the alarming reality that 70% of those who enter full time ministry in our brotherhood drop out within their first 10 years! 

After conducting extensive research, CCLNetwork identified five primary reasons for such a high attrition rate and the top two had to do with finances. Seventy-one percent of our ministers are in debt and 54% of them are not offered healthcare by the churches they serve. 

In response to this need, The Christian Church Leadership Network has partnered with Kairos Legacy Partners and the Christian Church Pension Fund to create the Ministerial Emergency Fund (MEF).The purpose of this fund is to be able to help our ministers and missionaries with an unexpected financial crisis. 

Situations where the MEF could be used: unexpected medical or dental bills, help with funeral expenses, tax problems, and short-term essential living expenses if a minister is unexpectedly terminated from a church position. 

The Christian Church Leadership Network believes in advancing the health, vitality, and growth of the church and its leaders by providing biblical training, coaching, and consulting.

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