The CCLNetwork – At A GLANCE

Our MISSION is to provide personalized support that empowers churches & leaders to thrive in ministry.

Our Vision is to be a national network of churches and leaders experiencing healthy, effective, and relevant ministry.

Ministers are dropping out at an alarming rate. According to a national study conducted by the CCL in 2017, 43% of ministers within the Christian Church and Churches of Christ are seriously considering dropping of ministry.

Major reasons ministers consider dropping out of ministry


of our ministers are in debt.


our churches provide no healthcare or retirement.


of ministers cannot unite and mobilize their staff to operate as a team.


of ministers feel disconnected from their eldership.


cannot contextualize the gospel into the 21st century neighborhood.

Recent research shows

that many students who train for the ministry leave the ministry within their first five years of service. Some of the most frequent reasons cited by ministers who leave the vocational ministry include financial stress and conflict within the church. A 2015 LifeWay Research study revealed that 80 percent of ministers interviewed expect conflict in their church, 54 percent find the role of minister frequently overwhelming, 48 percent often feel the demands of ministry are more than they can handle, and 21 percent believe their church has unrealistic expectations of them (Pastor Protection Research Study, LifeWay Research, 2015). Knowing that God’s plan has always been to transform people and societies through the church (see Ephesians 3:10), the need to equip, encourage, and sustain those called into ministry is of paramount importance.



To provide coaching for every minister who desires assistance in moving the congregation they serve toward health and growth. The CCL Network provides coaching toolbox resources, certifications and opportunities to become a coach or receive personalized coaching from other Network leaders. 

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A strong, robust community is key to a thriving church network. Resources such as a Minister’s Roundtable (Free), Summits (Network+), Weekend Workshops (Network+) and our Job Board (Free) offer opportunities to connect members and grow our community.

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Curriculum & Content


Biblical curriculum plus contextualization equals church health. Network members enjoy tools such as Online Courses (Network+), Digital Resources (Network+) and a Church Health Assessment (Free).

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  Church Health Assessment
  Safety Net
  Christian Church Directory
  Job Board
  Ministerial Emergency Fund
  Online Generosity Resources



  All of the Network Benefits Plus
  Free attendance at the annual Summit and regional coaching workshops
  Survive & Thrive Toolboxes with personalized coaching
  Discounted specialized services from nationally-recognized coaches
  Annual pricing is based on average weekly attendance at the church

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