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Our vision is to be a national network of churches
and leaders experiencing healthy, effective, and
relevant ministry.

the research

Ministers across the country are concerned about the lack of character transformation taking place in their members. Taking on Christ’s character is the mark of maturity in believers. The apostle Paul stated he expended “agonizing” energy to form Jesus in believers and then stated this target consumed all his time (Colossians 1:28, 29)! Kent Fillinger’s research has provided insight into the priority of discipleship in the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. You will see there is a difference based on the size of the church!




Video Resources

Five Priorities that Build Church Health and Growth


COMMITTED to Jesus & BEING his ekklesia


Pastoral Oversight that engages members in Christ’s purposes


Christ-Centered Communities that reflect heavenly fellowship


Enabling members to take on Christ’s character


Turning members into Disciple Makers

Turning Church Members Into Disciple Makers

by Dr. Tim Wallingford

Available November 18th, 2021


A distorted view of God will keep your friends of family from hearing or accepting the Gospel. This book reveals the 11 spiritual profiles found in the book of Acts, how to correct their particular distortions of God, and then how to share the good news.

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