February 9th | 11:30-1:00PM

Lunch & Learn

Developing Teams for Success - Jeff Metzger

Jeff Metzger
River Hills Christian Church

February Lunch & Learn: Developing Teams for Success by Jeff Metzger

Building Effective Teams

Healthy Churches start with Healthy Teams.  This includes your staff, elders and volunteers. Whatever your context, Jeff will provide you with New Testament principles and steps to build healthy teams. 

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What is a Lunch & Learn Presentation?

A Lunch & Learn Presentation is the CCLNetwork’s expression of gratitude to every minister and Christian leader for your service to Christ’s church. Beginning in August 2021, CCLNetwork will provide a monthly lunch for ministers and church leaders with a presentation from a seasoned Christian Church trainer in one of the six key areas of Christian ministry: Personal Finances, Theology, Apologetics, Church Growth, Leadership, and Neighborhood Outreach. You will be refreshed by fellowship, equipped for greater service, and energized to stay the course. Godly leaders and teachers including Dr. David Roadcup, Dr. William Custer, David Vaughan, Quentin Davis, and Jeff Metzger will share fresh insights from God’s word and give practical applications. You will also leave with Dr. Cottrell’s book, The Unity of Truth, and other books by various Christian authors. The CCLNetwork is honored to sponsor the Lunch & Learn Presentations at the CCL Center, Florence, KY.


The Christian Church Leadership Network believes in advancing the health, vitality, and growth of the church and its leaders by providing biblical training, coaching, and consulting.

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