February 15th | 11:00-1:45PM

Lunch & Learn

Preparing and Preaching for Easter

February Lunch & Learn

Everyone attending will receive an Easter Prep Notebook with insights, prep and Easter sermons. You will receive 50+ Easter messages!

Five fellow preachers will share Easter preparation and preaching from the New and Old Testaments, Easter appologetics, First person Easter presenations, and how to craft an Easter sermon. Finally we will discuss how to prepare for visitors and follow-up.

Mike Shannon – Easter sermons from the New Testament
Doug Redford – Easter sermons from the Old Testament
William “Bill” Custer – Easter Apologetics that validate the bodily resurrection of Christ.
Jim Lloyd – First person sermon (Drama)
Mark Messmore – Creating the Easter Sermon
Jeff Metzger – Visitors & Follow-up


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