Richmond, VA | NOV 18

COVID-19 has forced every church, and especially our Restoration Movement congregations, to re-examine the methods and strategies that were used to build the Church we see today. Too often churches generated attractional decisions and then failed to mature people into missional disciples, which is why many members strayed and even totally abandoned their faith walk when the pandemic caused the cancellation of Sunday gatherings. One obvious takeaway from this shakeup is that we can no longer embrace a discipleship strategy that relies primarily on a Sunday morning, building/service centric model.

The CCLNetwork is responding to this crisis in our churches by launching The Church Working Right. This comprehensive model will position your church to execute relevant and effective ministry into the future by helping you lead strategic shifts in five key areas of congregational health. Join us for this special pre-conference session at the International Conference on Missions!


Know who you are


Modeling the character and mission of Christ


New Testament values


Changing lives


Personal witnessing

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Greater Richmond Convention Center

403 N. 3rd. Street

Richmond, VA 23219


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