Coaching to Equip

Coaching to Equip 

Tier 2 Resources: Church Health Network+ members


“I’m expected to know leadership but I’ve had little to no training in leading a staff, mobilizing members, creating vision and ministry plans. I need a coach” – Minister


Biblical curriculum plus contextualization equals church health. A PERSONAL COACH helps connect the Bible curriculum to the context of the individual congregation.


Network+ Subscribers add Tier 2 resources included with paid membership as well as:

  1. Free registration at CCL Annual Summit (in Mason, OH, or streamed to church)
  2. Free registration at ICOM Pre-conference and any CCL Regional Workshop
  3. Access to the Pastor’s Roundtable (in select regions)
  4. RePOSITION (Workshop and/or Coaching)
  5. Survive and Thrive Toolbox (300 plus training videos / resources)
  6. Exclusive discounts on Tier 3 resources and services


Network+ Membership Rates:

Average Weekly Attendance 0-100 101-200 201-500 501-1000 1000+
Network+ Membership (Monthly) $75 $100 $125 $150 $165
Network+ Membership (Annual) $900 $1200 $1500 $1800 $1980


  • Half-price membership for first-time churches


RESTORE (Week-end seminars & workshops)


RESTORE is week-end workshops for individual congregations or Regional churches that RESTORE  the congregation(s) mission, unity, strategy and overall health. All these workshops are no additional charge to Network+ congregations.


  1. RePOSITION: 5 Strategic Shifts toward Church health & growth


Reposition is the creation out of 6 months of CCLNetwork research to identify top challenges facing ministers and church leaders today. There were 40 focus groups in 4 states. These five challenges made the top five. The CCLNetwork then created the solutions. It is called RePOSITION because the training enables the congregation to embrace 1st century principles found in the NT.



From DOING Church to BECOMING Church

From COME & SEE  to GO & SHARE

From PROGRAMMATIC  Leadership to PASTORAL Leadership



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  1. Thriving Leadership: 5 Keys to Biblical Leadership


Thriving Leadership was created in response to outcry of both ministers and elders in search for NT guidance in the mission and job description of Staff/Elders/Deacons/Members. This workshop is approximately 8 hours long (Friday night and Saturday early afternoon). It is also possible to take on just one or two KEYS and make that the focus of the workshop (3-4 hrs).


Biblical Leaders GROW

Biblical Leaders LEARN DOCTRINE

Biblical Leaders EQUIP & MODEL Christ’s character & mission

Biblical Leaders DELEGATE

Biblical Leaders MANAGE CHANGE


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  1. Personal Evangelism: Turning Members into Disciple Makers


This workshop begins with the presupposition that every member is to be a disciple maker. In its entirety this workshop takes 8 hrs. Congregations usually begin on Friday with dinner and end around 3:00 Saturday. The focus is training members to spiritually profile their circle of influence. Each profile has its own distortion of God. These distortions come out in questions from a friend, in a God conversations. For example the hurting will ask, “Why doesn’t God take away my sickness or pain?” This workshop identifies the three (3) major distortions of all 11 profiles in Acts with biblical answers. The workshop also provides the four (4) apologetic answers proving Jesus is Lord and Savior.


Understanding Church as EKKLESIA

Understanding Satan’s Strategy: DISTORTING GOD

Understanding the eleven SPIRITUAL PROFILES in Acts 

Understanding the ANSWERS TO DISTORTIONS of each Profile

Understanding how to have God CONVERSATIONS

Understanding the four PROOFS that Jesus is Savior & Lord (Acts 2)

Understanding how to LEAD a person to Christ


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  1. Navigation: Strategic Planning for the NT church


Navigation is Strategic Planning tailored for the Christian church and Churches of Christ. There are four phases of the planning process: Discover; Dream; Design; Deploy.


Creating your CONSENSUS Statement

Creating your MISSION & VALUES Statements


Creating your VISION Statement & THREE YEAR PLAN


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  1. Building the Foundation: Five NT Doctrines that Transform


Strategy may engage non-believers but doctrine is the meat and potatoes for believers to grow up their faith and become disciple makers themselves. According to research 95% of Christians have never made a disciple of Christ. One reason is many Christians don’t believe it’s their responsibility. “Attractional” churches that believe Sunday morning is the primary place for evangelism will emphasize Jesus is Savior but minimize his Lordship. This can leave members in some congregations confused regarding sanctification, to “grow up in Christ.” There are many character flaws that develop when members do not have a good understanding of the five doctrines. This workshop identifies those character deficiencies and provides the solution. 


Knowing JUSTIFICATION will correct these distorted behaviors

Knowing REGENERATION  will correct these distorted behaviors

Knowing SANCTIFICATION will correct these distorted behaviors

Knowing RECONCILIATION will correct these distorted behaviors

Knowing ADOPTION will correct these distorted behaviors


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5 Strategic Shifts toward Church Health and growth 


In 2020 the CCLNetwork launches THE CHURCH WORKING RIGHT INITIATIVE. This includes monthly coaching with a Certified RePOSITION Coach. The CHURCH WORKING RIGHT Initiative involves monthly personalized coaching, the creation of a personalized One-Pager that reveals the 2-3 year plan in detail. Congregations usually work on 1 – 2 shifts per year. Each shift involves a week-end of training for leaders and members. There are resources such as sermons, small group curriculum, and video training.



From DOING Church to BECOMING Church

From COME & SEE  to GO & SHARE

From PROGRAMMATIC  Leadership to PASTORAL Leadership



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  1. National Coaching Certification


To provide coaching for every minister who desires assistance in moving the congregation they serve toward health and growth, the National Coaching Certification Initiative will launch in March. The training costs 1,000.00 but 500.00 is paid to certified coaches for their first church. What a wonderful investment a congregation might make in their minister? There are Regional THE CHURCH WORKING RIGHT workshops candidates can attend, as well as video training. As a certified coach you will be better prepared to lead the congregation you serve and have the satisfaction of blessing others. 


Coaching Toolbox Resources

Certification Test

For more details email David Vaughan at [email protected]

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