Bridge Ministry Training: June 2024 Session

Bridge Ministry Training is an attempt to teach basic ministry skills to members of the congregation so that they can act as a "bridge" between senior ministers. This could be elders, deacons, ministry leaders, or just faithful or promising members of the church. This eight-week course will give students an introduction to the following skills:

  • Sermon Preparation and Delivery
  • Visitation and Basic Pastoral Care
  • Praying Out Loud for Others
  • Baptizing New Believers
  • Leading a Meeting

Ministers spend a lifetime honing these skills, so eight weeks won't create a master. What it will do, though, is serve as an introduction and a first taste for church members interested in stepping into a larger serving role. Each week will have a short pre-recorded teaching segment, a hands-on assignment, and a live Zoom call with a ministry coach to talk through the opportunities and challenges that a student is facing.

Online Campus

Micah Odor
[email protected]
(859) 429-0676

Weekly Zooms

Date / Time

Registration closed on Tuesday, June 25, 2024