Church Health Assessment
The Church Health Assessment measures your church’s tendencies toward two models:
  • The New Testament Model: A commitment to be a biblical community that emphasizes growth, sacrifice, service, and evangelism.
  • The Contemporary Model: An unhealthy cultural shift marked by mission drift, inward-focused thinking, and a consumer mentality.

Survey questions focus on priorities that emerged from a national research study, in which ministers identified five key challenges that are threatening the effectiveness of churches in the 21st century:

  • Identity: A biblical community that fully embodies the ekklesia of Jesus
  • Leadership: Pastoral leaders who minimize self, prioritize the mission, and empower members to execute effective and relevant ministry
  • Engagement: A congregation that is equipped, empowered, and deployed to pursue Christ’s character and mission
  • Culture: Values and norms that promote growth, unity, relevance, and effectiveness
  • Evangelism: Believers who actively pray for and engage opportunities for disciple-making


Planning and Strategy

Generates awareness & need to have training, planning and strategy

5 Keys to Church Health & Growth

Questions are framed within the 5 keys to church health & growth


Enables healthy conversation toward mobilization

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