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Have you ever wondered why there wasn’t a Bible College class about searching for a ministry, creating a ministry resume, interviewing for a ministry, and negotiating a ministry compensation package? Ministry Career Services was launched to be your coach and advocate as you transition to your next ministry.

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BENEFITS OF Find Your Next Ministry


Find Your Next Ministry helps you prepare an attractive and professional resume that is appropriate for a ministry role.

Candidate Matching

Find Your Next Ministry administers the StrengthFinder assessment and facilitates a coaching session that provides interpretation of your StrengthFinder results and gives insights that will help you evaluate your compatibility with church leadership teams.

Vast Ministry Opportunities

Find Your Next Ministry provides a ministry interview checklist that identifies important considerations, common mistakes, missed opportunities, and key strategies. It also facilitates a mock interview to prepare you to present yourself well, answer key questions, and avoid common landmines.


Find Your Next Ministry coaches you to prepare you to effectively and successfully negotiate an appropriate compensation package.

Sign up for Find Your Next Ministry for two installments of $250.00, the first paid immediately and the second installment paid when you get hired.

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