Coaching and Cohorts

No one should do ministry alone. Get coaching for your church or join a cohort as a minister.

You don't have to do ministry alone. And you shouldn't.

To go the distance, we all need some people to run with. We believe that
‘every church should have a coach and every minister should have a cohort.’

"Leading Together" Webinars

These monthly webinars feature some of the most effective preaching and church leadership practitioners in the country. There is no charge for these webinars. Click here for the date/time for the next one.

"Leading Together"
Virtual Round Tables

Join fellow leaders for no-cost monthly online roundtable groups with some of the leading voices in ministry on the primary issues, challenges, and practices for leading a healthy local church. Get additional coaching and insight for creating and maintaining a healthy church that is working right! Click here to sign up.

Soul-Strengthening National Cohorts

These elite and complete Cohorts of 7 Ministers/Spouses starting in January of 2024 will engage in a rigorous, but rewarding 12-month process of leading the most difficult, but important person you can ever lead - yourself. These Cohorts are a combination of 2 in-person retreats and personalized online coaching sessions with premier ministry leaders and specialists. Because of the quality of this program, there is a $250 monthly fee for participation in this Cohort. (scholarships are available.) Click here for the date and details of joining the next one.

Congregational Renewal Coaching

This resource is for any church of any size that desires to get healthier, unstuck, or renewed – especially if the church is in a season where they are struggling. A new Church Health Assessment will be used by the church to discover areas of attention. An experienced ministry coach will then be assigned to guide/advise the church and her leaders for 10-12 weeks taking the church’s strengths to focus on key areas of concern. Short-term and long-term next steps will be developed. There is a fee for the church for this personalized coaching. Email David Vaughan, Director of Coaching for CCLN at [email protected] for a complementary discussion of cost and details.