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One of the most challenging and high-risk seasons of a church’s life is when it is experiencing a minister transition.

One of the most challenging and high-risk seasons of a church’s life is when it is experiencing a minister transition. It is financially expensive, it requires a significant increase of energy and involvement, it strains relationships, and it is a clear and present threat to ministry momentum.

Unfortunately, the risk doesn’t end there. Making a great hire sets your church up for short- and long-term success. But there is nothing worse than surviving a minister hiring process just to find out within a few months that you made a poor choice and are now staring at another search process in the face.

Whether you are preparing for a minister search or if you have been struggling to find and hire your next minister, The CCL Network is prepared to help you! Contact us today to learn how our team of experienced church leaders can assist your elders and search team to conduct a feasibility study, create a job posting and description, develop a compensation package, identify quality candidates, conduct interviews and trial weekends, and navigate the hiring and onboarding processes.

BENEFITS OF Find Your Next Minister


FYNM guides you through a Readiness Evaluation exercise and then helps you craft an attractive and professional job description and corresponding job posting.

Candidate Matching

FYNM conducts a series of conversations and assessments that clarify your church's key mission, values, vision, and cultural distinctives. The team then utilizes that information to identify, evaluate, and deliver 1-3 candidates who are highly qualified and compatible with your church and leadership teams.


FYNM provides information, tools, and coaching to help your church navigate the hiring process including the final evaluation of the candidates, identifying the preferred candidate, and constructing a formal offer letter.


FYNM provides an in-depth onboarding resource to help you welcome and orient the minister to your team, facilities, culture, etc. in ways that will accelerate familiarity, relationship building, and ministry effectiveness.

The Minister’s Roundtable is a small group of six to eight ministers who meet once a month to share needs, burdens, challenges, and successes.

The Minister’s Roundtable is a small group

Ala-Cart Pricing

Feasibility Study


We’ll help you identify potential leadership gaps, ministry opportunity gaps, funding gaps, and issues that need to be addressed in your everyday church life… all of which are key to a healthy hire and transition for your church.

Job Posting Coaching


We’ll help you develop a strategy for posting your job opportunity in such an attractive way to go on your website, job boards, and other outlets. We’ll help you communicate to other ministers for referrals.

Job Description Coaching


We’ll help you develop a clear, concise and compelling job description for your position. This will allow applicants to know exactly what you are looking for and how they might fit the description.

Compensation Package Coaching


We’ll help you answer the questions of “How much should we pay?” “What benefits should we offer?” “How do we handle social security?” and, other concerns for exceptional compensation.

Presentation of 3 Quality Candidates


We’ll sift through your received resumes as well as resumes we have familiarity with to provide three quality candidates for you to move to final interviews. Each resume evaluation needs about 30-45 minutes of review to determine alignment with your opportunity.

Interview Guide and Coaching


We’ll help you develop questions for each interviewee. These will cover: theology and doctrine, skills and competency, fit with your church, and personality.

Sample Trial Weekend Guide and Coaching


We’ll help you plan the steps for welcoming, planned meetings, preaching/presentations, introducing, and much more to make an effective “first-look” and call for your candidate.

Hiring Process Guide and Coaching


We’ll help you create a transition list and budget to bring your new hire to your church. Concerns about housing, moving, office set up, IRS paperwork, school enrollment, encouraging spouse, etc., will be addressed.

Onboarding Guide and Coaching


We’ll help you and your new hire navigate the first six months after your hire date to insure good communication, understanding expectations, with clear goals and objectives.

Per Diem On-site


We’ll come to your church to meet with your search team, staff team, leadership team, to develop any of these processes. This fee covers housing, travel, time, meals, and administration of these details for your church coach. (Within 250 miles of Florence, KY)


Find Your Next Minister Package



  • Feasibility Study
  • Job Posting Coaching It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
  • Job Description Coaching
  • Compensation Package Coaching
  • Interview Guide and Coaching
  • Sample Trial Weekend Guide and Coaching
  • Presentation of 3 Quality Candidates
  • Hiring Process Guide and Coaching
  • Onboarding Guide and Coaching
  • 1-year “guarantee”
We want to give the best value to our churches. Some don't consider outside expertise because of the added expense. You can take advantage of this special pricing for our hiring and ministry expertise. Whether you are a church of 80 or 500, we can be a wise stewardship investment in the future of your church.
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